Coaching For The Heart & Soul Based On Your Spiritual Connection

Some of us have gotten so settled into the norm that we’ve allowed pessimism and lack of vision to make us believe that more is not possible. But it is.

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Couple's Critical Communication

Couple’s Critical Communication is all about giving the spiritual couple what they need to express their needs to one another in an effective and clear way. Clarity in communication is the only way to build and maintain trust, intimacy, and a strong belief based union.

What are the triggers that bring communication to a stand still or turn it into a shouting match? The tools to address and repair the communication issues are rooted in your belief in God coupled with some practical tools.

The Relationship Rescue Plan

The Relationship Rescue Plan is for couples who want to tackle the problems in their relationship from a spiritual base. To deepen their connection by starting with their common connection with the Creator.

All of the issues in life, He is able to heal and fix them. The intimate union between a man and woman is no different.

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