The Role Sex Plays In A Relationship For Men & Women

I want to be clear before I even start on this topic. “Both, men and women like sex.” However, a woman feeling safe, secure, and loved is more important for her than sex. No question, women want their men to satisfy them sexually, and we should. Being a selfish lover will not do it for them. I’m just stating here, that the way men and women feel about the importance of sex differs. For the man, its importance is greater. Now, mind you, I’m not actually talking about when the man is having sex with a woman. What I’m talking about is when he is satisfied with her as a sexual partner and feels taken care of sexually he then knows that he doesn’t need to look elsewhere. Women often fail to recognize the importance of sex to men and mistake the man’s desire for sex for a lack of care and concern regarding their emotions. This is a serious misconception.

When you view it from the lens of intimacy and vulnerability, sex is a way for men to access their more caring, vulnerable, and tender side. Sex is also a means for women to display those things as well, but women are caretakers by nature; therefore, it is easier for them to access the tender side of themselves in more ways than men. In that vein, him wanting sex doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about anything else. It means, especially when he develops feeling for you, that he wants to feel closer to you. Craving that physical connection is a part of man’s natural inclination. It is a means by which he continues to enhance his emotional connection. It’s a need that must be met for a man in order for a relationship to thrive. Don’t get me wrong, some guys only want sex. They are not looking for anything deep and lasting.

But, despite what may be witnessed on social media, most men are looking to build substantial relationships with a woman. It’s just like how a woman feels closer to a man when she feels safe and provided for. Same thing. Sex and its importance just play a different role for men than it does for women. It doesn’t make men careless or insensitive to want sex, we just desire it more, but not always for the frivolous reasons that some women may think. Sex is important to women too, but not as important as safety, affection, and attention.

Women’s primary drive is to be safe and secure. It gives her that same feeling of being taken care of that a great sex life gives to a man. These are just some of the realities when it comes to the different ways men and women view sexual relations. Again, both sexes like sex. But, in most cases, it’s more for one than the other, and the objectives in a relationship are different.

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Louis Morris

Louis Morris

Louis Morris is a Certified Relationship Coach who helps couples deal with marital and relationship discord involving issues of communication, intimacy, and helping them enhance their spiritual and emotional connection. He also assists singles who are divorced, been through a break-up, or lost a partner to get their groove back.


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