The Life Of A Coach

One of my dreams for more than 30 years is to help improve the lives of others. I had no concrete idea how I could turn this dream into a reality. But then, I was introduced to life coaching, and it clicked. This is my niche and my chance to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I found an online course for life coaching, studied, took the test, and past. I received my certification May 18, 2018.


What a great accomplishment for a kid from Newark, NJ. However, it is time for me to put hard work to good use. I must admit, I am nervous about it. Honestly, I would be concerned if I wasn’t nervous. After all, a life coach’s job is to help people realize their dreams and maximize their potential. Part of the reason that I love coaching is, self improvement is part of the joy of helping others realize their dreams


One of the “triple AAA’s” of coaching is, attitude. The coach and client must have the proper attitude when working with one another. The coach must be constantly striving to improve him or herself, and must pay it forward by helping someone else, with a willing attitude, do the same.What a lofty occupation. I am so excited and eager to assist. I look forward to lending a hand to anyone who extends theirs.

Louis Morris

Louis Morris

Louis Morris is a Certified Life Coach. It is his mantra and mission, through his podcast, The Heart Matters, his books on Amazon, and his life coaching services to help people improve their spiritual and their relationships. He believes these areas are so deeply connected and play such a pivotal rule for us to truly be successful as human beings.