The Adam & Eve Trilogy and Advice For A Friend

Adam & Eve Trilogy


He’s tired of being The Hustler. He’s had Enough. He’s no longer blinded by The Color Of Money. Now he wants to strive for what truly benfits him, but he has to Do The Right Thing. He’s been down Carlito’s Way. He lived like Denzel in Training Day. Living this way leads to three: Life, Walking The Green Mile, or someone buying a Tombstone. In the 25th Hour, The Choice is made to Blow Sin City, ridding himself of the possible Fatal Attraction of being an American Gangster.


He knows this is not Child’s Play. The Dangerous Minds he got Paid In Full with will deem his choice as being Unfaithful and The Wild Bunch will seek Revenge. He plans his departure under the Deep Cover of Twilight. At the same time, he makes a promise to himself that if he gets Caught Up in a Face Off with the Goodfellas, rather than abandon his Mo Better Blues, he’ll Die Hard.


He loads The Naked Gun and takes flight. Cruising in a Streetcar Named Desire, trying to live a better life, but now he’s Wanted. As He looks through his Rear Window, he sees some Boyz-N-The Hood pursuing him. Resisting the urge to go, Psycho, as they know he can, he weaves through the Traffic and is Gone With The Wind.


She once thought it was All About Eve. The Graduate from Yale, valedictorian no less. She met a guy who called himself Giant. Eve thought he was The Best Man for her. Boy was she wrong. He was a Menace To Society who thought he had Juice. Until he stole from a Hoodlum who was ruthless like The King of New York. The Morning After a huge House Party in South Central, he shows up at The Apartment like a Man On Fire with a duffle bag full of cash.


Sucked into the Belly of an Underworld war, Eve thought she was in the Twilight Zone when he gave her the bag and asked her to hold it until he comes back. He was now The Running Man. Trying to get away from The Terminator who would not stop until Giant had Eyes Wide Shut.


Eve, using her Basic Instinct, realized the killers would come looking for her, so she took the money and Fled. 48 Hours later, she got the news that Giant was an assailant of The Assassin. Eve escaped in Fear and became Sleepless In Seattle…


North By Northwest is where Adam and Eve went to evade The Searchers who sought to destroy them. The Air Up There was cleaner. It Happened One Night on a train, away from their Rocky pasts. When they laid eyes on each other, it was Sudden Impact. She was the Pretty Woman, The African Queen. He was The Natural, The Right Man.


When he walked over and sat next to her it was Serendipity and they both knew it. The Heat was palpable. They were Made For Each Other. Adam was young with an Old School mentality. He held out his hand and introduced himself, “Hi! I’m Adam.” That Set It Off. Body Heat and easy flowing conversation. Eve’s looking at him thinking, he’s The Marrying Kind. Adam, He Got Game, but he’s not running any.  He’s thinking, this Foxy Brown girl can turn me into The Family Man. Both of them were Swept Away into a Love Affair. Walking in the park-like Randle and Snipes in Sugar Hill, racing for rug-rats like Douglas and Stone in Basic Instinct, and now they’re Bringing Up Baby.


They were having An Affair To Remember. They were not thinking of Trading Places with anyone. Will the fairy-tale have a happy ending…?



Relationship Advice For A Friend


Why are you playing these games? Making these outlandish claims that you’re going to love this person through thick and thin and all the stormy weather. It sounds believable and clever, but there’s a problem with your spill.


It’s not real. You’ve made this claim before, but at the first sign of trouble, you walked out the door and found another relationship filled with confusion. You told that person you wanted an authentic and affectionate union. However, your track record has shown that you don’t. The problem is you haven’t come clean with yourself, and until you do, you won’t.


You’ll never share a love with someone that is pure, vulnerable, and filled with affection and mercy. That’s because you refuse to let go of that hurt you see every time you look in the mirror. I’m your friend so I can see this situation a little clearer than you.


Also, as someone who truly loves you, I have to ask, “What are you going to do?” You’re attractive and smart and you have a big heart, so you should find someone to love who loves you too. I know all the pain you’ve been through. But, when are you going to let all of that hurt and pain go, and show someone the beautiful person you really are.


I realized your heart has been damaged but it’s time for you to remove that scar. You deserve better, so I am doing what a good friend should do. This is the best way I can prove that I love you.


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Louis Morris

Louis Morris

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