Ladies! 5 Ways To Teach Your Man How To Treat You.

How do women want to be treated in an intimate relationship? Some men know the answer and treat the women in their lives well based on that knowledge. However, other men are not entirely clear about how their significant other should be treated in the relationship. In an authentic tradition, the Prophet referred to women […]

A Talk With Business & Mindset Coach Taylor McCary

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, I talk with Taylor J. McCary. Taylor is a business and mindset coach for women. She helps them design their dream lifestyle, and build impact and income from their business. She has a BA in Psych and is a Certified Life Coach. She dropped by […]

Being Unfaithful is Wack: Not All Men Are Cheaters

It’s pretty clear that many people need help with matters of the heart. Whether they are married, in a relationship, divorced, or experienced a bad break up, people need help with these matters. So I’m here to help people resolve relationship issues. That’s one  of the reasons I named the podcast The Heart Matters. Because […]

The Top 5 Relationship Don’ts For Men and Women

Last week we completed the 10 Do’s for men and women in a relationship. Today, we begin with the Don’ts. These are the top 5 Don’ts for men and women. The Top 5 Don’t For Men Go to bed angry with your partner. This rule applies to men and women; therefore, I’m going to place […]

O Men! Be Gentle With The Women.

Women are different from men in many ways. Men are perceived to be self-centered and egotistic while women are said to be more fragile and sensitive. These are the reasons why women’s emotions are played differently in their hearts than in the hearts of men. Females want their partners or lovers to spend quality time […]

Founder of A Good And Spacious Land: MaryBeth Gronek

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, MaryBeth and Louis discuss her company: A Good And Spacious Land, why she started it, and her fabulous article: Why Women Lose Interest-It’s Two Things  While you’re here please take The Relationship Survey. It’s only 10 questions and it will help us better serve The […]