A Talk With Health, Wellness, and Sexuality Educator Leah Brown

About This Episode: Leah Brown is the founder and CEO of Haven Consulting, LLC. She has an MBA and an M.Ed in Sexuality Education. Leah is a Board-Certified Health Coach Practioner and motivational speaker. We discuss her business, marriage, childhood, and why she chose to be a sex educator. She is known as Leah The […]

Javonne & Matthew CEO & COO of Toss It Up Salad Bar

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, Louis Morris talks with the founder and CEO of Toss It Up Salad Bar in LA Javonne Sanders and the COO Matthew Crawford. They are a couple who connected because of their entrepreneurial spirits and are now working to make South Central LA a better […]

Take Hold Of The 3 G’s That Keep On Giving

Let us reflect and ask ourselves, “What do we need most right now?” Mind you, I am not talking about money. Because unless we’re of the financial ilk of Oprah and Bill Gates, we all can use more of that. What I am talking about are spiritual and emotional things that give us internal satisfaction. […]