7 Ways To Keep Romance Alive In Your Marriage

“In a great romance, each person plays a part the other really likes.” ~ Elizabeth Ashley It’s easy to fall into a routine in a marriage where romance falls by the wayside and love becomes routine instead of exciting and passionate. Many couples believe it has to be that way. Let me be blunt. It […]

4 Things To Go From Romance To Relationship

About This Episode: In this solo episode of The Heart Matters, Relationship Coach Louis Morris give 4 things couples need to move from a romance to a relationship.  Follow Louis on Instagram @louis_morris_coaching for relationship tips, advice, and resources. Check out his Link Tree for all that The Heart Matters Brand has to offer: linktr.ee/louismorris  

4 Ingredients To Move From Romance To Relationship

Everyone has had the experience of meeting someone new and having those warm and fuzzy feelings. Those are things that cause us to want to explore more. However, building a powerful and loving union takes more than being warm and fuzzy. There are 4 things that both people must have in order to establish something […]

Work On Your Romantic Creativity

Why do so many couples lose their romantic creativity? I believe it’s just as Darius Lovehall (Larenz Tate’s character from the movie Love Jones) said, “When people say there’s no more romance, what they really mean is, they’ve exhausted the possibilities.” That’s the issue. They have removed the element of creativity from the equation.   […]

An Interview With Sid and Liz McNairy

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, Louis interviews Sid and Liz McNairy a power couple that is trying to bring peaceful living to the entire world. They bonded and formed a close friendship during a 32,000-mile drive, and now they are life partners. They are the founders of the Art Of […]

A Step Towards Relationship Rescue

Almost every love story has the potential to begin as if it were a fairy tale. “Once upon a time, two people fell passionately in love. Their love was unlike any other they had in the past.” Relationship beginnings are wonderful and they can experience a rebirth with a wedding, honeymoon, and an exciting first […]