The Principles Of Cheating Are 4.

The subject of cheating is huge in my line of work (Relationship Coaching). Because of its importance and effects on intimate relationships, I have to address the matter of cheating in some detail. I already dealt with the internal factors that cause a person to cheat in my article There Are 2 Pillars To Cheating […]

2 Heart Protectors In Intimate Relationships

As a Relationship Coach, I talk to people in general and clients specifically about the importance of boundaries and communication. Why? They protect the heart in any relationship, but especially in intimate relationships. When a person sets boundaries for himself or herself, he or she will be more open to being vulnerable. This may seem […]

Relationship Vision For Men and Women

About This Episode: This episode of The Heart Matters is based on conversations that Louis has recently had with women concerning men’s lack of vision in a relationship. Louis talks briefly about what the man’s and woman’s roles should be and how they should manifest themselves in a relationship. Follow Louis on Instagram @louis_morris_coaching for daily […]

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Attraction

A question was asked on a live stream last week, “If your spouse gained one hundred and fifty pounds would that end the marriage?” My immediate answer was, “It could.” Please understand. I am not a shallow person. However, I’ve spoken about these matters in two places: 10 Relationship Tips Vol. 6 Chemistry and Keep […]

The Importance Of Keeping Relationship Agreements

About This Episode: In many marriages and long-term relationships, couples become complacent and decide not to keep agreements that were made during the courting period. This not only can cause friction in the relationship but can also cause the union to end. With this in mind, Relationship Coach Louis Morris discusses the importance of keeping […]

4 Things To Go From Romance To Relationship

About This Episode: In this solo episode of The Heart Matters, Relationship Coach Louis Morris give 4 things couples need to move from a romance to a relationship.  Follow Louis on Instagram @louis_morris_coaching for relationship tips, advice, and resources. Check out his Link Tree for all that The Heart Matters Brand has to offer:  

Some Mental Blocks Regarding Relationships and Marriage

Oftentimes, especially during Valentine’s Day, when we consider relationships and marriage, we think of romance films and love songs. Those things become our expectations for what a relationship should be. There is a reason they are called movies and songs. They aren’t real. We get snippets of what an intimate relationship looks like from the […]

Don’t Break Agreements In Relationships. This is another proof of how important clear communication is all thru a relationship or marriage. Both people should clearly define what each person’s role will be in the relationship or marriage. More importantly, whatever is agreed upon must be adhered to by both people. In other words, neither person should break the agreement […]

A Talk With Marriage Counselor Elizabeth Polinsky

About This Episode: Elizabeth Polinsky is a Marriage Counselor for military families and the host of The Communicate & Connect Podcast For Military Relationships. She dropped by The Heart Matters to discuss her career, relationships, and why she counsels military relationships Visit her website: Follow her on Instagram: @LizPolinsky   Follow Louis on Instagram: @louis_morris_coaching Register for The […]

4 Tips To Bring Vibrance Back Into The Relationship

I talked a couple of months ago about how some couples place more emphasis on the wedding ceremony than they do on the marriage. Ultimately, however, the couple’s life starts once the honeymoon ends. No matter how wonderful your marriage may be, the married lifestyle can be, well, less than thrilling at times, even for […]