Why Do Relationships Affect Us So Deeply?

“It takes mystical insight to see the beauty and innocence in each other, even when that is not what we are showing to the world. That is why God is needed in intimate relationships, to move us beyond the perceptions that can so often poison love.” Marianne Williamson Relationships are one of the defining characteristics […]

5 Critical Communication Tips

Communication problems in relationships are common. I took a poll two years ago with couples and the majority of them said lack of communication or unclear communication was the main issue in their relationship. If the communication is not clear and available when needed, other parts of the relationship will suffer. It is part of […]

The Woman Who Had Me Smitten Who I Couldn’t Love

I met her in Starbucks. I know it sounds clique, but it’s true. She was there with her daughter and I was writing on my laptop until it was time for me to go to work at the Japanese Restaurant. She walked in confidently, which impressed me almost as much as her appearance—5’7, brown-skinned, with […]

A Talk With Dating & Relationship Expert Hunt Ethridge

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, I talk with Hunt Ethridge is an award-winning international dating and relationship expert with over 15 years of experience helping people become the best, most dateable versions of themselves. Hunt has been featured on over 100 media outlets, including, AlleyWatch, CNN, The New York Times, […]

Communication Talk Before Turkey Day

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, I have to continue to promote and be clear about the importance of effective communication in a marriage or relationship. I help the couples and singles navigate the relationship realm with spirituality, love, intimacy, and trust, and communication is key in accomplishing this. If you […]

Louis’ Guest Appearance On The Core Confidence Podcast

About This Episode: This is Louis’ guest appearance of The Core Confidence Podcast with Host Dennis Sumlin. Louis talks to us about how to make a relationship last, and how to confront and work through challenges. He also gives some tips on how single men can get ready for a meaningful relationship, as well as […]

Mix Certainty and Uncertainty In A Healthy Relationship

About This Episode: Most people understand there should be certainty in a relationship. However, uncertainty is not stressed, and there should be a level of uncertainty in order to keep the relationship feeling fresh and new. In this solo episode of The Heart Matters, Louis addresses the issue of certainty and uncertainty existing in a healthy […]

Something To Think About Going Into The Summer

Another summer is almost here and you’re looking at your relationship saying, “What did I do wrong?” “I have no relationship. What’s wrong with me?” Maybe you just chose the wrong person. Or, in the latter case, you haven’t found the right person yet. It happens. Sometimes we believe, I just need to be with […]