Eliminate Complexity In Your Communication

Following me on social media, reading my writing about relationships, or listening to my podcast will let you know I do not see intimate relationships as complex. However, some couples make their unions complicated by refusing to eliminate the things that complicate what should be an easy relationship. Communication is where this issue most often […]

4 More Things To Discuss Before Marriage

1 Space. Do you want to play cards with your friends twice a week? Do you and your best friend go to the movies every Saturday afternoon? How much space does each of you want and need? I wrote about the importance of this matter in my new relationship book: The Patterns Of The Power […]

3 Questions For A Relationship Evaluation

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, Relationship Coach Louis Morris, poses 3 questions that each person involved can use to measure where the relationship is, and where it’s heading. Check out the website to see the coaching plans and resources Louis has in place to assist the spiritual couples: Louis Morris […]

5 Tips For Couples To Communication More Effectively

About This Episode: Communication is key in any relationship. Even more so for intimate ones because this is the person in our lives that is closer to us than anyone else. Knowing how to effectively communicate with our intimate companions will allow the relationship to be more productive. In this encore presentation of 5 Tips For […]