“Make It Last Forever.” Have The Right Conversations

Making a commitment to another person is a huge step. As a Relationship Coach, I see how quickly marriages and relationships fall apart because both people didn’t go through the proper examination to make sure they are right for one another long-term. It’s not a daunting task, as many people will try and make you […]

4 More Things To Discuss Before Marriage

1 Space. Do you want to play cards with your friends twice a week? Do you and your best friend go to the movies every Saturday afternoon? How much space does each of you want and need? I wrote about the importance of this matter in my new relationship book: The Patterns Of The Power […]

The Survey For Couples To Bring Value To Couples.

In light of the Relationship Survey being a big focus right now, I wanted to share some universal truths about relationships.     There are always two people involved.   The union is always better when both people are growing individually.   Hearts are like leaves that blow in the wind. They are constantly moving.   When I […]