Love & Marriage: A Poem About Marriage and Growth

So, these two people are living examples of love and marriage. Some people try to disparage this level of commitment. Most people, just want someone they can get with. A person to argue, fuss and fight, and then split with. But, these two chose to become bride and groom. To jump the proverbial broom. Being […]

Men & Women Are Different… The Poem

Men and women are different. Accepting this in your union helps you practice wisdom, which means putting everything in its proper place.    Men! You must be gentle and exercise patience with her. That’s your case. Women! For him to be vulnerable, you must create a safe space.   Men! Being gentle doesn’t mean not […]

The Adam & Eve Trilogy and Advice For A Friend

Adam & Eve Trilogy   He’s tired of being The Hustler. He’s had Enough. He’s no longer blinded by The Color Of Money. Now he wants to strive for what truly benfits him, but he has to Do The Right Thing. He’s been down Carlito’s Way. He lived like Denzel in Training Day. Living this […]

“I Just Called To Say I Love You.” The Love Song Blog

We are living in a time of very heavy events and discussions. But, I know some of our best memories are surrounded with songs. So, in order to lighten our hearts a little, I put together an assignment for myself. This is a call a man made to his wife, constructed with some of the […]