Why Do Relationships Affect Us So Deeply?

“It takes mystical insight to see the beauty and innocence in each other, even when that is not what we are showing to the world. That is why God is needed in intimate relationships, to move us beyond the perceptions that can so often poison love.” Marianne Williamson Relationships are one of the defining characteristics […]

Love & Marriage: A Poem About Marriage and Growth

So, these two people are living examples of love and marriage. Some people try to disparage this level of commitment. Most people, just want someone they can get with. A person to argue, fuss and fight, and then split with. But, these two chose to become bride and groom. To jump the proverbial broom. Being […]

The Ghetto Love That Changed My Life The Finale

One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.-Maya Angelou Know! Part of a man’s responsibility to women and his family is that he provides for and protects them. I didn’t understand this […]

The Ghetto Love That Changed My Life Part I

Born in the heart of the Ghetto, beautiful time. I’m sending all of my love cause we haven’t spoke in a while.-Yung Bleu First experiences are so powerful. How can I put into words my first kiss, first sexual encounter, or the first girl who made my heart skip a beat? The memories are still […]

Relationship Questions You Need To Answer For Yourself

About This Episode: In this episode, Relationship Coach Louis Morris deals with 2 questions he asks everyone on consultation calls and why they are so important in relationship matters. To get in touch with Louis or for other resources, go to his Link Tree:

The Importance Of Showing Up For One Another

Relationships are strengthened by two people being present for one another. Physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and any other ‘ly’ that exists. When you show up for one another during the good and bad times, this is what increases love and character. Many of us are relying so much on text, tweets, Dating Apps, and Instagram […]

Purely Looking At Love… A Return To The Heart

The first love I ever had is still fresh in my mind. It was pure and sweet. As a result of youth, lack of knowledge, and newness of the emotion, it did not take much effort. It was fresh, simple, and spontaneous. I let that feeling get away from me. Now mind you, the playfulness […]

4 Ingredients To Move From Romance To Relationship

Everyone has had the experience of meeting someone new and having those warm and fuzzy feelings. Those are things that cause us to want to explore more. However, building a powerful and loving union takes more than being warm and fuzzy. There are 4 things that both people must have in order to establish something […]

A Talk With Aphrodisiac Food Authority Amy Reiley

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, I talk with Ms. Amy Reiley. In 2004, Amy became the second American to earn a Master of Arts (MA) in Gastronomy awarded by France’s culinary temple, Le Cordon Bleu. While at Cordon Bleu, She rose to prominence for her work in culinary aphrodisiacs. In […]