The Final 5 Relationship Don’ts For Men & Women

The Final 5 Don’ts For Men Yell at your partner as if you were her father. This is a no brainer. As people, we don’t like to be yelled at, which is another reason that critical communication is so important in a relationship. It gives couples the tools they need to communicate without abuse and […]

The Top 5 Relationship Don’ts For Men and Women

Last week we completed the 10 Do’s for men and women in a relationship. Today, we begin with the Don’ts. These are the top 5 Don’ts for men and women. The Top 5 Don’t For Men Go to bed angry with your partner. This rule applies to men and women; therefore, I’m going to place […]

The Final Five Relationship Do’s For Men & Women

The Final 5 Do’s For Men 1 Do little things on a regular basis. A woman doesn’t care if you call her at work to say, “I love you” or if you buy a new TV for the living room. The small things are worth just as much as the big ones. 2. Honor any […]