Why Has The Marriage Rate Decreased?

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters podcast, the “Les Brown of Relationships” Louis Morris answers the question, “Why has the marriage rate decreased?” Fewer people are getting married and more people are getting divorced. What is the underlying issue, and how can it be reversed? Louis talks about a few things […]

Be Just! And Don’t Publicize Each Other’s Secrets

About This Episode: Some couples are participating in some very childish behavior inside and outside of relationships. One childish form of behavior is publicizing sexual activity with their partner. This is definitely some adolescent behavior. Adults should not practice this. An authentic tradition states, “God will not look at, speak to, or purify on the […]

Divorce: A True Test Of Character and Some Misconceptions

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, Louis talks about some of the misconceptions concerning divorce, and how sometimes, one or both people become petty during the process. He deals with these issues and a few more during this brief live stream. Follow Louis on Instagram @louis_morris_coaching for daily relationship tips and advice. […]

Getting Rid Of The Fear Of Meeting Someone New

About This Episode: Many times, after a break-up or divorce people fear meeting new people due to not doing it for so long, and other reasons. In this brief solo podcast, relationship coach Louis Morris gives some tips on how to shake off that fear. Follow Louis on Instagram for daily relationship tips and advice: […]

3 Steps To Rebound Quickly From A Divorce Or Breakup.

Sometimes relationships don’t last. It is important for the people involved in unions that fall apart to not let the bad effects of a divorce or break-up linger spiritually or emotionally. Here, I give 3 tips that will speed up the healing process.   1 Learn The Lessons This is the first step that must […]

Relationship Matters Have Layers In The Heart.

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, Relationship Coach Louis Morris, outlines how all intimate relationship issues deeply affect the heart and emotions of a person. Everything thing from starting a new union to break ups and divorce people are hurting due to these relationship matters. Follow him on Instagram @louis_morris_coaching or […]