Avoid The 2 Forms Of Avoidance In Relationships

About This Episode: This is just a reminder from the “Relationship Les Brown” Louis Morris. Do not get into practicing the 2 forms of avoidance in a relationship. 1. Not Communicating 2. Not Talking About Difficult Issues In The Union These 2 can cause real damage and could possibly lead to a split or divorce. […]

“Make It Last Forever.” Have The Right Conversations

Making a commitment to another person is a huge step. As a Relationship Coach, I see how quickly marriages and relationships fall apart because both people didn’t go through the proper examination to make sure they are right for one another long-term. It’s not a daunting task, as many people will try and make you […]

Avoid Avoidance In Intimate Relationships

About This Episode: Many times in relationships couples avoid having difficult conversations. This is not a good thing. You must have hard conversations in order to establish whether you can establish and maintain a happy life together. Follow Louis on Instagram @louis_morris_coaching for relationship tips, advice, and resources. Check out his Link Tree for all that […]