Avoid The 2 Forms Of Avoidance In Relationships

About This Episode: This is just a reminder from the “Relationship Les Brown” Louis Morris. Do not get into practicing the 2 forms of avoidance in a relationship. 1. Not Communicating 2. Not Talking About Difficult Issues In The Union These 2 can cause real damage and could possibly lead to a split or divorce. […]

Relationship Longevity: Be Nice & Have Meaningful Talks

About This Episode: In this solo episode of The Heart Matters, Louis Morris talks about two ingredients that help a marriage or relationship go the distance. Being nice to one another and having meaningful conversations where both people listen to each other. Unfortunately, nowadays, many couples have become selfish and are unwilling to serve their […]

Communication Talk Before Turkey Day

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, I have to continue to promote and be clear about the importance of effective communication in a marriage or relationship. I help the couples and singles navigate the relationship realm with spirituality, love, intimacy, and trust, and communication is key in accomplishing this. If you […]