A Talk With Founder Of Inner Beauty Reigns Erica Anderson

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, I talk with Erica Anderson., who is a divorced mother of two, Mindset Coach, Author of three books, and Founder of Inner Beauty Reigns, how does she do it all? Inner Beauty Reigns is a platform in which she teaches divorced mothers how to heal, […]

A Talk With 2020 Presidential Candidate: Jade Simmons

About This Episode: What a treat for The Heart Matters Brand. To talk with the 2020 Independent Candidate for President was an honor and joy. Jade Simmons is CEO of Jade Media Global, a revolutionary live experience and global content distribution company specializing in 360º personal development and strategic transformation. She is also a classical […]

A Chat With Author Of Sexless In The City Kat Harris

About This Episode: The Heart Matters welcomes the author of Sexless In The City, photographer, host of The Refined Collective Podcast, and a 30 Something-Year-Old Virgin Ms. Kat Harris. She joins the show to talk about her new book, biblical principles regarding relationships and sex, and a host of other topics. Get in touch with […]

Javonne & Matthew CEO & COO of Toss It Up Salad Bar

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, Louis Morris talks with the founder and CEO of Toss It Up Salad Bar in LA Javonne Sanders and the COO Matthew Crawford. They are a couple who connected because of their entrepreneurial spirits and are now working to make South Central LA a better […]