Navigating The Relationship Realm: Advice From The Coach

Can a couple be happy and miserable with their relationship at the same time? This is a rhetorical question. Of course not. However, many couples try to accomplish this by hoping and wishing things will automatically get better. This is not the way God has created His creation. Not only did He create the creation […]

The Adam & Eve Trilogy and Advice For A Friend

Adam & Eve Trilogy   He’s tired of being The Hustler. He’s had Enough. He’s no longer blinded by The Color Of Money. Now he wants to strive for what truly benfits him, but he has to Do The Right Thing. He’s been down Carlito’s Way. He lived like Denzel in Training Day. Living this […]

5 Relationship Rights Every Couple Should Know About.

Relationships, intimate are otherwise, are filled with rights we should give the other person. It’s like working for a company. There are certain things you should receive from said company and certain things you will deliver to it. The question is, “What are some of these intimate relationship rights?” In this post, I will list […]