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The Heart Matters Book Cover

The Heart Matters

This book focuses on matters of the heart that if reflected and acted upon will improve the inner and outer condition of the person.

Relationships in Rhymes Book Cover

Relationships in Rhymes

Relationships In Rhymes are a series of poems about all types of relationships that rhyme all the way thru, except the first and the last.

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The G Experiment

The G Experiment is a story about Greg Anderson, also known as G. After freeing himself from ignorance and running with the wrong people, he and a beautiful young woman named Sarah decided to participate in an experiment that would change both their lives for the better.

Ramble Book Cover Image


A book of poems, personal insights, and short stories narrated as if it's a teacher speaking to students, parents teaching young adults, and friends having conversations about current events, love, and relationships, constructed with brief chapters and paragraphs.

A Treatise On Cultivating Manhood Book Cover

A Treatise On Cultivating Manhood

The issue of manhood has been distorted in society for quite some time. In an effort to steer men back to their true masculine selves, this treatise is a small work that gives men the proper roots and direction to establish and cultivate true manhood.