The Relationship Rescue Power Sessions

The Relationship Rescue Power Sessions is for couples who need pre-marriage, post-marriage, and long-term relationship coaching. One 1 Or 2 Hour Power Zoom Call where we will deal with the main pain point in your union. Whether the issue is related to constant arguing, sexual issues, intimacy, or communication, it will be thoroughly addressed on the Power Call. If more time is needed we will also map out an extended coaching plan that will help you rescue your relationship with more detail. Schedule your 30-Minute Consult Call by going to the call button below.

We Remove The Pain and Replace It With Pleasure

  • Most problems in intimate relationships begin with a lack of communication or unclear communication. We will help you address why the communication is so poor and give you the tools that will make your communication effective and productive.
  • If there are issues regarding the 3 areas of intimacy: 1. Spiritual 2. Intellectual 3. Physical. The means to enhance them are contained in micro-steps that we will outline for you.
  • Maybe the sexual excitement has died down due to how long you’ve been together. We will teach you some methods of foreplay that begin before you reach the bedroom.
  • Maybe the union has become boring and routine because you think you’ve run out of options for excitement. We will open your mind and heart to new possibilities.

Couple! You have come to the right place. The “Relationship Les Brown” Louis Morris will help you address and repair the issues mentioned above and more. Schedule your call today. You need him to rescue your relationship. 


Before Louis became a Relationship Coach, Author, and Podcast Host, he was a Server and Maitre D in restaurants. He always loved his work because he loved to serve. However, he knew that he wanted to serve people by providing them with more than food. So, he started the heart matters podcast, and while doing that, he studied for and achieved his Life Coaching Certification. Then he began publishing books on Kindle. This is the way he serves the people now. By addressing their intimate heart matters through coaching, his podcast, writing, and social media. Take advantage of his desire to serve.

A Relationship Is Just Like Its Name. A Couple Should Relate To One Another On A Deeper Level As They Sail Through This Journey Called Life.

We Will Provide You With The Tools You Need To Strengthen Your Bond, Help You Communicate More Effectively, and Increase Your Intimacy & Connectivity. Even When The Waters Of Life Get Rough, We Will Make The Relation-Ship Sail Smoothly.