The Revitalized Relationship Package

A 12-Week Coaching Program Designed for Women & Couples Who Deserve a Vibrant & Healthy Relationship. 

Achieve Deeper and More Effective Communication, An Increase In Intimacy & Affection, and Connect As If You’re Meeting Each Other For The First Time.

Is this perfect for you?

  • Do you want to connect in a deeper way?
  • Have you stopped having deep conversations?
  • Has the fun and excitement disappeared?
  • Maybe, both of you aren’t even concerned about how you see each other around the house anymore because neither of you feel those sparks?

Ladies & Gentleman! I do this because I have 6 sisters and I know how a man thinks because I am one. Let me help you achieve all you want. Romance, affection, excitement, and great sex. Okay! You’ve hit a relationship rut. The remedies are just a phone call away.


Issues in relationships, other than money, usually arise because of three reasons:

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. The Romance & Passion has Dwindled
  3. The Man is No Longer Fascinated by Her, therefore she is no longer fascinated by him



  • A More Effective Way To Discuss Problems In The Relationship

  • New Ways To Be Romantic & Affectionate

  • Renewing and Strengthen The Bond That Already Existed


If you really want to be together, but there are some issues in the relationship, lets fix them so you two don’t grow further apart. If love becomes impaired, you can’t delay its repair.


The first one or two calls will be to find out what the issue(s) are in the relationship. Once the issue(s) are pinpointed, there will be journal prompts given out once a week. In those prompts, I will list issues concerning the union that I would like for you to write about (i.e. when did the issue(s) start, where do you see yourselves in the future, etc)?

The journal entries will be discussed during our weekly call. Evaluations will be made, and Action Steps will be issued. If some of the issues are sexual, Action Steps will be discussed to spice things up in the sexual arena. 

Whatever the issue(s) are, there are Action Steps that must be taken in order for you to reach the goal of having authentic communication, increased sexual stimulation, and an affectionate & fascinating relationship with your partner.


  • One Hour Coaching Calls Once A Week

  • Guided Journal Prompts Each Week Based on Your Needs

  • Unlimited Email Support Between Calls

  • Recordings Of The Weekly Calls For Your Review.


  • $1125 USD Paid-in-Full

  • $375 USD/month for 3-months

A Relationship Is Just Like Its Name. A Couple Should Relate To One Another On A Deeper Level As They Sail Through This Journey Called Life.

I Will Provide You With The Tools You Need To Strengthen Your Bond, Help You Communicate More Effectively, and Increase Your Intimacy & Connectivity. Even When The Waters Of Life Get Rough, We Will Make The Relation-Ship Sail Smoothly.

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