Louis & Kelly's Couples Coaching

Louis & Kelly Couples Coaching is a 6 or 12 Week program for couples in pre-marriage, post-marriage, and long-term relationships

The Stronger The Bond The Stronger The Union

  • Do you want to strengthen your spiritual connection as a team?
  • Do you want to address each other from the heart & soul and not ego & pride?
  • Do you want fun and excitement to be a lasting part of your relationship?
  • Do you want your intimacy, connection, and sex to last through all relationship phases?

Couples! You have come to the right place. Louis and Kelly will help you achieve and maintain all of the things listed above and more. As long as you two have the 3 principles that a healthy union is built upon. 1. Love 2. Affection 3. Mercy. Louis and Kelly will provide you with the tools you need to keep effective communication and passion flowing in your union.


  1.  A Lack Of Unclear Or Abusive Communication Is A Problem In Any Relationship
  2. Lack Of Attentiveness And Romance Makes The Union Dull. Sparks Need To Be Present
  3. You Two Need To Be Fascinating And Fascinated With One Another
  4. Both people need to feel cherished and respected within the union


Gain The Tools Needed For More Effective Discussions About Problems And Disputes

Defining Clear Goals For Your Relationship And Your Future As A Couple

Recognizing God’s Role In Your Relationship And Utilizing Prayer As A Couple

Rekindle The Sparks And Reignite Intimacy, Romance, And Affection

Renew And Strengthen The Bond That Brought You Together


After agreeing to work with Louis and Kelly, we will send You The Couple’s Questionnaire Packet. This Packet will contain questions for both of you to answer.  Over the next 6 to 12 weeks, we will work with you to uncover and address core issues in the relationship.

We will take a dive deep into some of the harmful habits that might exist. It is important that both of you agree to complete honesty and transparency if true transformation can be achieved through this process. Some of the most common problems in relationships are money, communication, attentiveness, and intimacy in all its forms. If any or all of these issues exist in the union, we will begin with the most important and work our way down.

If spirituality is an issue in your union we will provide you will specific prayers to enhance your connection with the Creator as a couple.  Also over the next 6 to 12 weeks, we will ask each of you to write using journal prompts that we will send you. We will help you set up date nights, according to your schedules, and suggest different ways to increase your intimacy and connection. During our weekly Zoom call, we will discuss all matters relationship-related. We will conclude our call with action steps that you can implement throughout the week. We implore you to put in the effort. God helps those who help themselves. We will see you at work.


  • Weekly One Hour Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Guided Journal Prompts Each Week Based on Your Needs
  • Unlimited Email Support Between Calls
  • Individual Sessions To Uncover Barriers And Blocks
  • Recordings Of The Weekly Calls For Your Review.


A Relationship Is Just Like Its Name. A Couple Should Relate To One Another On A Deeper Level As They Sail Through This Journey Called Life.

We Will Provide You With The Tools You Need To Strengthen Your Bond, Help You Communicate More Effectively, and Increase Your Intimacy & Connectivity. Even When The Waters Of Life Get Rough, We Will Make The Relation-Ship Sail Smoothly.