Intimacy: Two Elements Of Its Essence

These two things, giving of oneself willingly and receiving it with joy, are part of intimacy’s essence. It’s unfortunate that many people have such a limited view of being intimate with another soul. That’s right! I used the word ‘soul’ because it’s about two people bearing their souls with one another. This can only be accomplished with trust because everyone is not worthy of such deep access. In other words, gaining trust is also wrapped up in the intimacy equation. In order to find out if one soul is safe with the soul of another, both of them must share intimate details about each other to see if the other soul can be trusted with delicate information.

Once this trust is established, both people will be free to give of themselves without pause, and they will receive the other person with joy and commitment. When two people reach this level of intimacy, every other part of their union becomes better. Their conversations become more nuanced, their lovemaking becomes more satisfying and intense, their cooperation is increased, and even their silence is filled with awe of one another. This is the intimacy all couples and singles should have and pursue. It might seem like a daunting task, but with the proper spiritual connection and self-awareness, true intimacy will become easy for the soul who seeks it. I’m a pillars person. I believe in order to build something, you must start with fortifying the foundation. The three foundational pillars of intimacy are

  1. Chemistry. This is something I discussed in Volume 6 of my 10-Relationship Tip Audio Series. Two types of chemistry must exist between two people before an intimate relationship can develop. The first is attraction. The second is sexual chemistry.
  2. Core Values. They are what make a relationship deeper than the physical. When two people discover they share some of the same core values, the mind and heart shift from short-term pleasure to thinking long-term, which results in a different type of bonding. The desire to connect spiritually and intellectually will grow as a result.
  3. Lastly, we have VULNERABILITY. Without this, two people will only be able to become intimate with each other to a certain degree. Each person needs to be brave enough to share with the other person things they wouldn’t share with anyone else. They have to trust themselves enough not to be frightened of being vulnerable unless the trust is violated.


Centuries of writing, speaking, and singing have been dedicated to this subject. This is because true intimacy makes the sharing soul feel free, which in turn brings about pure joy when he or she receives it.

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Louis Morris

Louis Morris

Louis Morris is a Certified Relationship Coach who helps couples deal with marital and relationship discord involving issues of communication, intimacy, and helping them enhance their spiritual and emotional connection. He also assists singles who are divorced, been through a break-up, or lost a partner to get their groove back.


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