Get Your Groove Back Plan

A 6 Or 12 Week Coaching Package To Help You Get Your Groove Back Inside Your Relationship Or While Looking For Someone New

The 'Get Your Groove Back Plan' is Perfect for you if:

  • You’re a couple having problems in your relationship that you want to fix
  • You’ve gone through a divorce or breakup
  • You’re trying to figure out the kind of relationship you want going forward
  • You’re still dealing with relationship issues from the past


Get your Groove Back is for couples having problems in their union but they want to stay together. For singles who have experienced a divorce, break up, or are grappling with relationship issues from the past, who want to align themselves spiritually, mentally, and emotionally with the kind of relationship they want going forward.

Whatever is in a vessel will come out. Get Your Groove Back is about being the best version of yourself, which in turn, will make your relationship better. And, for the single person, it will give you the ability to attract the type of partner you are looking for in life.

For couples, I focus on learning, renewing the fascination with one another, and installing new and surprising actions.

For singles, I begin with the 3 R’s reflect, refresh, and rebuild. These are the steps I take couples and singles through to find or Get Your Groove Back. 


  • A clear vision of a healthy relationship
  • The realization that you are whole on your own
  • The spiritual and emotional ability to walk away from red flag behavior and never settle for anyone who won’t enhance your existence.


  • An Hour-Long Zoom Call Every Week
  • Weekly Journal Prompts
  • Recording Of Weekly Video Call
  • Email Support Between Call
  • Designed Action Steps Based On Weekly Evaluation