An Interview With Artist and Coach Katie Flowers

About This Episode: Katie Flowers is the Founder and CEO of the online mental health service, Coach Success Experience Life. Before she became a Life Coach she worked as a Timekeeper in the Chicago Police Department Auto Theft Detective Division. Coach Katie is also an Artist who received her B.F.A. in Education and Art Therapy […]

A Talk With Founder Of Make Your Mark: Krista Martin

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, we talk with Krista Martin. Krista is the Founder and President of Make Your Mark. She’s a Business Growth Strategist and Coach, that teaches coaches how to attract ideal clients, make a comfortable living, and create a bigger impact. She grew her business from $40K […]

An Interview With Nutrition Coach Monica Smith

About This Episode: Monica Smith is a Nutrition Coach and Author of “Virgo Moon: A Poetry Anthology” under her pen name, MJ, released in August of this year, which is available for purchase on Amazon. She received a Holistic Health Coach certificate with an emphasis in Plant-Based nutrition from American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA) in 2021. […]

An Interview With Business Coach Dr. Vic Manzo

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, I talk with Dr. Vic Manzo. Dr. Vic is a Business and Spiritual Mindset Coach, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, Holistic Wellness Coach, 3x Author, and host of The Mindful Experiment Podcast. He is the author of 3 books, the most recent, “Decoding The Matrix,” which came […]

An Interview with Marriage and Family Therapist Lesli Doares

About This Episode: In this episode of The Heart Matters, I talk with Lesli Doares, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who received her M.S. in Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She also hosts her own weekly Web Talk Radio Show: Happily Ever After Is Just The Beginning. She dropped by to talk […]

3 Places To Go For A Date Or To Meet People

About This Episode: It’s wintertime, and people are still going to want to go out. Especially after Covid. In this episode of The Heart Matters podcast, Relationship/Life Coach Louis Morris gives 3 places where people can go on dates or just meet new people.

An Interview With Boudoir Photographer Liz Hansen

About This Episode: In this episode, I interview Liz Hansen. Liz Hansen is the owner of Chicago Boudoir Photography, a boutique photography studio where she offers an empowering Victoria’s Secret-style photoshoot experience for the everyday woman. Liz also runs the Million Dollar Studio Program, coaching, and education platform that helps photographers grow a profitable photography […]