Marriage, Relationships, Divorce, or Break Ups... They're All Heart Matters

Intimate Matters Of The Heart Are What Affect Us The Most. Let's Deal With Them Together.

This Is My Story...

Louis Morris’s journey to coaching began when he was just 13 years old. With a listening ear and a wisdom beyond his years, people in the neighborhood came to him sharing their struggles and seeking his advice.

Being the only boy raised with 4 sisters and a very spiritual mother, his insights on relationships were informed by an appreciation for both the male and female perspective. At a young age he understood the importance of cultivating a harmony between the two sexes.

It is his belief that through faith in God, clear insight into the essence of issues, the matters of intimate relationships can be cured. It was in 2017 that Louis was first introduced to Life Coaching. It became clear that this profession gave him a chance to do what he’s always wanted to do.

Relationship Coaching enables him to put his natural gifts to use by helping people see relationship issues more clearly, mend from divorce and break ups, and get their groove back. He pursued his Certification for Professional Life Coaching, and received his Certification in 2018.

It is his mission, through his podcast, relationship books, and coaching programs, to help people address intimate matters of the heart and become the best version of themselves. Through belief in God, the proper introspection, and tailored action steps, the sky is the limit.

Does Your Relationship Make You Feel Happy & Tranquil? Are You And Your Partner Able To Communicate With Ease & Clarity? Are You Ready To Rescue Your Relationship? Have You Been Through A Divorce Or Break Up And Are Ready To Get Your Groove Back?

It can be difficult to admit you and this person you are so close to are having problems. But you know they exist. You don’t practice your belief in God together. You’re arguing more and more. The passionate kisses and lovemaking have been reduced to pecks and feelings of obligation.

You don’t spend quality time together pouring your heart out to each other. You’ve lost that loving feeling… Even worse than that, you’re starting to believe there is no way to fix these issues. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Ask yourself one question, “Do you love this person enough to rescue your relationship?”

Have you been through a divorce, difficult break-up, or one rocky relationship after another? Are you beginning to feel less than? Let me help with these issues and more. Spend some weeks with me and I will help you get your groove back. Whatever the large issues are, we will tackle them together. Not getting the affection and attention your desire in your current union? Suffering the divorce or break-up blues, or you’re just ready to get your groove back? Let me help! Hit the button below and schedule a 45-minute free consultation call.

"We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” ~Max DePree​


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