5 Relationship Rights Every Couple Should Know About.

Relationships, intimate are otherwise, are filled with rights we should give the other person. It’s like working for a company. There are certain things you should receive from said company and certain things you will deliver to it. The question is, “What are some of these intimate relationship rights?” In this post, I will list 5 for us to reflect upon.

1 Honesty


Both people should not only be clear about who they are, but they should also articulate to the other person what is desired from the relationship. There should also be transparency about hopes, dreams, and future goals. I was recently coaching a couple and asked them to journal their personal and professional goals over the next six months.


The wife asked, “What does that have to do with our marriage?” I answered, “Everything. You are a team. You should have individual and collective goals that are not only clear to you but also clear to your husband.” This is part of being honest in a relationship. These issues should be known and shared so you can help one another.


2 Loyalty


This does not only apply to sexuality. One could assume that, but that would be incorrect. A couple should have each other’s back, support one another in the good they want to accomplish, and be willing to make some sacrifices in order for the relationship to progress. Let me give a little clarity before we move on.


When I mention making sacrifices, I’m not talking about core principles. I’ll give an example. The wife comes to the husband after a year and says, “What do you think about us having an open marriage?” The husband has always preached and practiced monogamy. Should he make this sacrifice? No! He has always made it clear through his statements and actions that wasn’t a principle he would bend on. I’m talking about sacrifices that won’t harm the other person, but they just don’t like that particular thing.


3 Kind Treatment


This is an essential ingredient for a healthy relationship. Let’s be clear, if there is verbal and physical abuse, then the relationship is not healthy. Granted, it might have some ingredients of good health, but it is not healthy as a whole. Because it has been polluted with the disease of abuse. 


Couples should be kind, gentle, and compassionate with one another. It doesn’t mean there will never be disagreements and turbulence. But, what it does mean, the couple will always have enough respect for themselves and one another to stay clear of any forms of abuse. I’ll leave you with a verse from The Recital to think about: And among His Signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves so that you may find tranquility with them. He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in this are signs for people who reflect. (30:21)


I’ll pose a question. If you’re finding verbal or physical abuse in your relationship, what do you and your partner’s relationship with the One Who puts affection and mercy between you look like?


4 Mutual Consultation


Break the word into two parts: Relation-Ship. That’s what it should be in reality. Two people sailing through life together. Therefore, there should be constant communication about big decisions and some small ones. I’ll lay out an example of demarcation so we can be clear. Your boss comes to you at work and says, “Linda. You’re during such a great job, I’m going to give you a 30% raise.”


You just go home and inform your partner you got a 30% raise. However, the boss says, “Linda. We are going to transfer you to our New York branch next month and give you a 30% raise.” Your reply should be what? “I need to talk with my partner about that first.” Why? Because you’re not alone. You’re in a Relation-Ship. The point is, talk with one another. Because communication doesn’t leave room for confusion.


5 Great Sex


Your partner should not have to settle for mediocre in the bedroom. Granted, some requests are unreasonable. Like a woman wanting her partner to be bigger. Sexuality should be about satisfaction, not size. If a man is well endowed fine. However, what is even bigger than that is does he satisfy her. If that is not the case on either side, that is an issue that can be easily solved in a relationship.


If you would like to gets some tips, advice, regarding relationship issues, check out my Get Your Groove Back Plan These are just 5 relationship requirements. If you want more relationship tips and advice follow me on Instagram: @ louis_morris_coaching or schedule a free 45 Minute Consultation Call



Louis Morris

Louis Morris

Louis Morris is a Certified Relationship Coach who helps couples deal with marital and relationship discord involving issues of communication, intimacy, and helping them enhance their spiritual and emotional connection. He also assists singles who are divorced, been through a break-up, or lost a partner to get their groove back.


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